TO-DO List (Roadmap)

Our TO-DO list is sorted by priorities. Our goal is to provide a DEFI place that you will enjoy using, along with ecosystem of our projects connecting ONI as whole.

Top priorities after launch:

  • Harvest lockup (coming soon)

  • Anti-Whale (coming soon)

  • Auto compounding (Auto Harvest & Re-stake, based on time you select for ex. per hour, 3hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs)

  • Detailed user statistics (You'll be able to see your profits made across our farms and fuel pools in a proper way)

  • Battle Game Trading Competition

  • Support DEFI, AMM, Yiel Farm website for our NFT characters breeding token (Including Vaults and Auto-Compounting, connected to

  • NFT characters with breeding (Will be able to use them in our blockchain game similar to Axie Infinity)

  • NFT Marketplace for ONI NFT characters

  • Mobile friendly

  • New navigation system

ONI Staking (Fuel Pools)

  • ONI Staking

  • Core Pools

  • Community Pools: Host BSC community project Pools, support with 0.1-0.2x ONI farms

Other products

  • Lottery (core feature)

  • Analytics (core feature)

  • Voting (core feature) - Currently disabled until our community is bigger

  • ONI AUDIT Services (availible)

  • IFO (Initial Farm Offering): Raise funds for your project in ONI-BNB LP tokens. After redeeming the LP tokens, the BNB is distributed to the project and the ONI is burned.

  • Lending & Borrowing: Lend and borrow BSC and LP tokens - ONI provides rate discount

  • Margin Trading: Trade BSC tokens with leverage on-chain — periodic ONI buyback and burn

  • NFT Ecosystem: Mint, trade, breed, marketplace, and more — all paid in ONI

  • Achievements: Complete tasks, level up etc. to earn NFTs — use ONI to mint

  • Binary Options

  • Fixed-term Staking

  • Customizable User Profile